ALSYS MSC is an R&D & MSC company established in 2003. We are a reputable and highly acclaimed software development organization with over 150 installation sites in Malaysia. Alsys has been growing steadily as an information technology provider and is proud to have an excellent track record in implementing solutions that have taken businesses to a new level of competitive advantage.

Achieving interoperability of network environments and providing total sound solutions to a variety of vertical markets is a key part of ALSYS’s objectives. Our current activities involve the development and implementation of market-driven web-based and networked solutions specializing in the areas of CRM Systems and Consultancy, administrative, operational, and academics management. Our professional services span across Research and Development in Data Mining and Semantic Technology, Consultancy, Software Development, Testing, Training and IT Placement.

ALSYS aims to standardize procedures of organisations through our cost effective solutions. Thereby, providing an environment with all the unique elements and attributes necessary to create the perfect global multimedia climate. Geared towards CMMi Level 3, we believe in expanding into new areas that build on our technologies, competencies and customer interests. Our priority is to provide the highest quality and value-added customer service to our clients. Thereby, gaining and holding their respect and loyalty.


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